Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Pretty Perfume bottles...♈✗★✗♈✗★✗♈

Pretty Perfume bottles take pretty much every woman's eye..
and there are so many pretty ones around. 
The image of perfume rushing out of the bottle with lush smelling oils & petals, concocted to such a variety of fragrances from light, fresh and flowery to seductive, moody and dark...

We all have our favourite fragrance as well as a tendancy to use one fragrance more than another - But is that because we like the smell more so or that the bottle draws us to be sprayed? For me I think it's a bit of both!! 

I think some of the vintage bottles hold so much mystique and could probably tell some fantastic tales too..
Ranging from glamour to risque...
Lovers to love affairs..
Fantasy to real situations...
....as well as travels and cruising with all finery of preparing to dine at the Captains table that evening. (thinking Titanic now...)

How often do we use perfume these days is another question?

Us ladies like to be at our best at all times and for the most part smelling as sweet as we possibly can but is it still affordable to use perfume every day?

 Or are we able to get away with using perfumed body lotions and have the desired effect, keeping our precious perfume for those 'Special' occasions? 

It would be interesting to know when YOU use your perfume..Do You spray your fave fragrance every day or do you save it for those 'Special' occasions?

Perhaps you would leave a comment below and tell everyone how you use your perfume? I would be delighted to know and to share even which perfume is your 'Special' one and why...
I look forward to hearing from you Lovelies ♈✗★✗★
♈✗★✗♈✗★✗♈ A woman wearing the wrong Perfume....
....has no future ♈✗★✗♈✗★✗♈


  1. I love the green bottle!
    My fave perfume is 'ANGEL' which is worn on special occasions for my Man only ;o)

    B xxx

  2. Oooo what super lovely bottles. Well I love anything Rose, then I adore Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, Anna Sui Original and Chopard Wish. I wear perfume everyday. I try not to keep anything for "best" anymore, clothes, shoes, jewellery and crockery. Life's to short to save stuff, tehe. Loves Ionwen X

  3. Do you have any information on the pink heart bottle? I have looked everywhere with no luck!


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